The Incheon Airport in Korea is like Heaven

Eco-Friendly Escalators
Eco-friendly Airport: Sensored Escalator

Extreme cleanliness, modern architecture, and all the modern technology you’ll ever need in an airport.

Right when we got off the plane, our first stop was the bathroom. You all are probably thinking why the heck would I tell you about my bathroom experience?! The airport has bathrooms that are so fancy, it’s like walking into Bloomingdale’s lounge and restroom with granite counter tops, hand carved wooden doors, and soft dim lighting. Who can forget the fancy moisturizing soaps, modern appliances, and I swear they must clean the restroom every hour because it was completely dust free!

Moving on, we made our way to leave the airport and visit the nearby town of Incheon City. We had a quick overnight layover in Korea, so we scheduled our time for some good dinner and a free nights sleep at the Airport Transit Lounge. Our plan was to visit Seoul, but we learned that Seoul was still another hour away from the airport. We’ll be heading back to Korea for 2 days, so we figure we’ll visit Seoul then.

Incheon City
Incheon City is a small but interesting little place that thrives mainly from the airport employees, layover passengers, and of course locals to the area. It’s similar to the concept behind the SFO Airport in San Francisco. The Bay Area named the airport San Francisco Airport, but it’s really located in between Millbrae and San Bruno and an about 30 minutes to the actual city of San Francisco.

Bulgogi and CondimentsBeef Bulgogi (7 Strips) w/cup of rice: $31 US Dollars

Incheon city had a lot of cute little restaurants, some with western seating and some where there were coffee tables everywhere and you had to sit on the floor. We came up on an alley area with lots of restaurants and outdoor seating, so we decided to take in the nice night and eat hot pot outside. The food was very colorful and everything was covered in red Korean hot sauce. I love hot sauce and Jeff on the other hand isn’t too keen on it, so he was burning throughout our dinner. Considering Incheon City being primarily for transit passengers and airport employees, prices were very expensive. So if you are on a budget, try purchasing at street vendors or checking out the nearby grocery stores.

Incheon Airport Transit Area
After walking around the city, we headed back to the airport to settle in the “Transit Area” for the night. It’s an area for transit passengers with long layovers complete with “free everything,” or if you choose an optional private room for $40 US Dollars per night.

Kids Play Area
Internet Lounge
Free Wifi
Lounge beds
Art Museum
24 hour cafe

See more photos of Incheon Airport and City >

Transit Area LoungeBeds Free Wifi - Transit Area LoungeInternet Area
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