San Juan Manila was our Safe Haven from the Flood

San Juan Manila House
The next morning everyone is calling us on the phone to see if we are okay

As Jeff had described, both of our families have not spoken to us since Jeff had shouted through the phone about the water being chest high, so of course they were worried. We later find out they have been contacting any of our relatives in the Philippines who can brave driving over the bridge to our province and swap us out of Cainta’s flood zone, the second hardest hit area of the Philippines.

Early Monday morning, the water in the house was shut down. We didn’t have any electricity or water, it was hard to do anything. Thankfully all the calls our parents did, went through to Jeff’s uncle Don. Within 2 hours of the water shutting down his uncle Don picks us up to rescue us from the *putik and flood area. His family graciously gave us food, water, clean clothes, and the ability to watch the news on TV.

The calamity on Saturday was a lot worse than we thought. We saw raging waters gushing under bridges with cars and people on it. Cars on the street floating and slamming into each other in alley ways, people on roofs shivering, and people drowning. What was unbelievable about the news was also the fact that Philippine news on TV wasn’t like Americas. Nothing was censored for our protection and it was unreal. Dead people floating on the rivers which used to be streets, cars slamming hard against buildings, boats struggling to save people in the rivers, and also people jumping into brave the waters and not making it. It was a sad sad day and we couldn’t believe how lucky we were. We not only survived, but we were also away from the madness soon to be back in an air-conditioned room, shower, and toilet, with plenty of food in our stomachs. It almost felt wrong to have such luxuries.

Taytay Road From Ondoy Flood
Taytay Road 2 days after Flood

Jeff’s uncle Don brought us to a hotel in Antipolo and soon we find out my Dad had sent a van for us to grab our muddy things and to be taken to San Juan. San Juan is close to Greenhills area and known as a high lying place with prominent houses and maximum security. Jeff and I watched the scenery from outside of our car window. We saw rivers on the streets, lots of damaged pavements, fallen homes, hills of mud, long lines of hungry families waiting to get a relief bag, and on to the other side of the Pasig bridge that looked perfectly normal.

Tagalog Translation
Putik: Mud

San Juan Stronghold
Downtown San Juan
Downtown San Juan and Imelda Marcos with Servant
Haircut in San Juan
Getting a Haircut
Ice Cream House San Juan Manila
Our Favorite Ice Cream Shop just down the street
Ice Cream House San Juan Manila
My Favorite Popsicle: Buko Pandan
Tita Diding and us
A Picture with Tita Diding
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