Shopping Overload in Manila

The incoming typhoon pepeng is said to touch down around Saturday and may reach the potential of becoming what is known as a “super typhoon” with incredibly strong winds of 150+km/hr.  Those characteristics are said to be worse than Ondoy but we are hoping otherwise.  Due to the danger it poses – Stace and I have been limited to traveling within a few miles from our home.  Unfortunately that doesn’t include much besides shopping malls.  We’ve visited the Green Hills shopping mall already 3 times during the 7 days we’ve been here.  If you’re looking for inexpensive shopping for products from Nike, Converse, Supra, and other big name brands, this is your place.  The only thing is you may be buying a reproduced knockoff.   I made my attempts to haggle with vendors for better prices in Tagalog but failed miserably.  One boy looked at me with a smirk as if to say, “You ain’t the hustler, I am so don’t even play with me.”

Greenhills Shopping Center, “The Tiangge (Chiang-Geh)”

Today we just completed our excursion to the Fort Bonifacio shopping center and open market plaza.  Fort Bonifacio is a little more of a high end outdoor shopping mall but the marketplace is pretty enticing with all the food vendors displaying their delicious and tasty dishes.  While I’ve enjoyed seeing all of the delicious foods that I am wanting to try, the countless hours we’ve spent walking through malls and haggling with vendors is starting to get old.  One new experience we had this evening was listening to a live band that played some OPM (Original Pilipino Music) classics and reggae over dinner at a seafood restaurant/bar. We had some amazing grilled Pusit (Squid) and shrimp rice, some drinks, and crabmeat nachos.

Just took a cab home and now finishing up this entry before calling it a night.  Hopefully my SLR camera will be working tomorrow after drying it out from the flooding and that the upcoming weather will not be as dangerous as it is said to be so that we can really begin our trip to the Philippines.  Tomorrow night we are also hoping to see Rivermaya (one of my favorite Filipino bands) perform at……the Green Hills shopping mall!  Yay, that will make it our 4th visit :/  At least this time it will be for a reason other than shopping.  I know that I didn’t just come here to shop everyday.  Peace out till the next entry.

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