All We Do is Window Shop and EAT, EAT, EAT!

Eating BrowniesEating Brownies!

Metro Manila is very hot, sticky, and at times unbreathable. It’s not only because of it’s tropical humid weather, but because of it’s tall buildings, congested homes, cars, and tricycles, the streets and air are crowded with smog. The surrounding citys and provinces in Metro Manila have created enormous shopping malls within 5-10 miles of each other for the purpose of people to walk in long air-conditioned spaces that includes endless options of food available, huge supermarkets, and non-stop marketing everywhere you turn. The tactic is very smart considering the sweltering heat and smog outside, why not walk into a mall filled with everything you need that people will never leave until it closes at 9 or 10pm.

We, Jeff and I, have officially been sucked into their gimmicks. Since the major storm of Ondoy, there is another on its way called, Pepeng, so weve been a little afraid of rain drops and wind. If the sky looks gray and it starts to drizzle, we decide to plan our day to visit a mall we haven’t seen. We have officially visited 10 malls. That’s right, 10 shopping malls out of the 7 days we’ve been in Manila. Why? Because we are chickens, scared there will be a flood or a landslide and we wont have a way of getting home. Being in a mall will safe guard us from being wet or stuck in a flood, and were also close by to home. We don’t intentionally stay in the mall all day from noon to 9pm, but we do and it’s embarrassing. For 9 hours, we eat our lunch and dinner, walk around, snack, use the salon, grocery shop, and use the internet. Everything we need is in the mall.

bacolod-inasal-restaurantBacolod Chicken Inasal
puto bongbong
Puto Bongbong

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4 thoughts on “All We Do is Window Shop and EAT, EAT, EAT!

  1. Jeffrey… you know I’m chuckling…..I would have to admit the food looks very, very tempting and delicious! Glad to know you, Stacey, and your relatives are okay, and that you are you enjoying the adventures of your travels.

  2. Haha. It is tough when you are traveling Alec! Every time I travel it is the food from other countries that I need to sample. I am lucky though because the place we are staying at now has a gym. Now I have no excuse not to stay in shape. Talk to you soon man and thanks for reading!

  3. Hey Jeff and Stace, try the Puto Bumbong in Via Mare at Landmark in Makati =). It’s yummy. I am enjoying reading all your adventures in the Philippines. =)

  4. haha, cool well see if we can make it there. there is so much rice in the philippines they’ve created so many desserts using rice!

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