Volunteering at La Salle Green Hills College for Ondoy Relief Goods

Ondoy Relief Goods

As soon as we got settled into our new place in San Juan, we went to volunteer at one of the popular colleges in Manila, La Salle Green Hills. All schools around Metro Manila were closed for a week due to the flooding of Typhoon Ondoy (Ketsana). In tagalog all you would hear about from everyone’s tongues is “Maraming baha! Lakpas ng tao, Ay naco!” (It was flooded everywhere. It was higher than people’s height. Oh my!) Baha, baha, baha is all we heard, it was one of the biggest events that happened to the Philippines and we wanted to help in some way.

Later that week, Typhoon Pepeng came along the northern part of the Philippines in Luzon and left 29 people dead and still counting. It was eye opening for us since we rarely ever hear in the US of so many people dying one after another over mother nature. First it was the Typhoons in the Philippines, next Samoa, Vietnam, and the earthquakes in Indonesia. It was happening all over Asia and it was scary.
Ondoy Relief Goods
soap, medicines, clothes, asian ramen, cookies, milk, and canned goods

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