American Influence in the Philippines

It’s amazing how much American influence has in the world. Everywhere I travel, I hear the latest pop song being played in dance clubs. From our freedom of speech, democracy, diversity and equality, America allows us to be creative. We have been capable of creating great art, film, music, and literature that you can find it being distributed all over the world.

“The Jeepney is a popular form of public transportation and art and was invented by Filipinos after World War II. When the US wrecked havoc in the Philippines, they left behind their standard military jeeps. Being crafty & resourceful, Filipinos reused these jeeps and gave it the Filipino Flip. With flamboyant decoration and crowded seating, the Jeepney has become a symbol for Philippine culture as well as the people’s transportation.” – Lotus Haus

American culture in the Philippines has made a huge impact. You will not find English being spoken in any other Asian country, but the Philippines. English is very well spoken everywhere around the country that any traveler can get by without having to learn a single word. On Television, you can find popular shows such as big brother, star search, and similar reality shows. When I stepped inside a taxi, the taxi driver is singing along to Chris Brown. A majority of the radio stations play music similar to my moms favorite radio station in California, “KOIT 96.5 Soft Rock, Less Talk” which consists of slow ballads, pop songs, and a few popular tagalog songs here and there.

It’s not a question to why it happened that way because the Philippines had been struggling for independence for years. The history of westernization in the Philippines began when the Spanish ruled the country for 333 years and only 60 days after they were taken over by Americans. Americans have dipped it’s claws into every part of the country and you can see it everywhere you travel.

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