Bacolod is the City of Smiles

Off to Bacolod
Cebu Pacific Air

We planned this 5 day trip to experience and capture the spirit of the famous Masskara Festival 2009.
Finally our first trip out of Luzon and into the Visayas in the island of Negros. Negros is located between Panay and Cebu which holds popular cities such as Bacolod and Dumaguete.

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History of the Masskara Festival
A month long event that leads up to a huge countdown experience very similar to experiencing New Years Eve in Times Square minus the big city skyscrapers. The Masskara Festival began 30 years ago, a passenger vessel Don Juan had sank, and prices of sugar, the provinces single crop was down. Because of the death and overall situation, the people of Bacolod fought back by wearing masks and dancing in the streets to show that no matter what happens, they will not go down in despair. The festival is held every year on the weekend of October 19th.

We flew off on Cebu Pacific, one of the most popular inter-island carrier flights in the Philippines. The flight was quick and only 45 minutes long. I noticed how extremely clean and new the Ninoy Aquino Airport looked. Turns out they renovated a part of the airport and launched a new campaign to market the new look. They even began to name the airport a fancy, NAIA.

Farmlands View From Plane
Farmlands, View from Plane

As we approached the island, I looked out the window to see hundreds of farmlands all nicely shaped into different sized squares. I was wondering were the heck the city and civilization was, what are we going to do in Bacolod! hahaha. I was thinking too far ahead and of course from the books and research I knew there was city life and beaches.

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Bacolod airport was very small and just outside you can see how cleaner it was compared to Manila. The weather was perfect, sunny, breezy and blue skies. We were very excited to see what Bacolod had in store for us. Little did we know just how big the Masskara Festival was.

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