Singapore is the Melting Pot of Asia

MRT in Singapore
MRT Subway in Singapore

We were very excited to leave the Philippines after a month of eating various dishes of chicken, pork, fish, and rice. I felt I was lacking many nutrients such as vegetables, beef, milk, and cheese in my diet, so I was very excited to try the foods in Singapore. The Changi airport in Singapore is very clean and modern which is very similar to Korea’s Incheon airport. They even have high security checks in every gate. The MRT Subway train was very quick and easy to understand, so we got to our hostel within an hour of arrival.

Singapore is a British owned city, so everyone here has an English accent with a mixture of Chinese, Indian, and Malaysian accents.The country is a melting pot of people from all over Asia, so you can imagine how many great foods they offer. People from all over Asia migrate here for better job opportunities than what their own country has to offer and end up settling here with their own families.

You get the luxury of living in a country with a higher currency rate and being only a short 1-3 hour plane ride from your homeland.

Tired From All the Food Hunting

The country has a very wide variety of foods from all over Asia and some even intermixed. It is Asian Food Heaven and we were lucky to get 1.5 days to experience this beautiful city. Our goal was to try everything that salivated our mouths, so that meant lots of money taken out of our pockets. The Philippines has a some great foods and desserts, but we missed having the luxury of eating various dishes from different cultures in America. Our eyes were big with excitement at all the great foods Singapore had to offer.

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2 thoughts on “Singapore is the Melting Pot of Asia

  1. Hi!
    I really love your blog. I am planning on staying at the guesthouse you recommended in Ubud, do you have any suggestions of where to stay in Singapore?


  2. Hi Ali,

    Thanks for the compliment! I’ve been meaning to write about the place we stayed at in Singapore. It’s called, The Hive Backpackers a block away from Little India and Chinatown. The place was perfect enough to walk everywhere in Singapore or to take quick train rides. It was about $25 US Dollars for a private room a night. Here’s the site:

    I hope you enjoy your trips as we have. If you have anymore questions, let us know! Can’t wait to see your posts for your next trips!

    Stacey 🙂

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