A Welcome Dinner on Bali Shores

Jimbaran Beach DinnerFinally in Bali, Indonesia and what most people call, the “Honeymooners Getaway.”

After our wait in the Indonesian Airport for our Tourist Visas, we were picked up promptly by Nick our driver, Nick for the trip. Out of the entire crowd, we saw him instantly jumping up and down from the back with a huge sign saying “Jeffrey and Stacey.” I laughed seeing my name look so big. He brought us to his nice air-conditioned car and asked, “Do you guys want to have dinner on the beach?” We thought for a second… “Heck yah!” Since we left California, we haven’t even seen the beach. We had been living in the Philippines for a month and not once did we have time to check out the beach. So we were definitely excited and taken to Jimbaran Beach close to the airport before heading to our place in Teba House.

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2 thoughts on “A Welcome Dinner on Bali Shores

  1. ha! we went there too. candlelight dinners stretched out miles along the beach. did you have a bunch of balinese singers serenade you during dinner?? we requested for bob marley. =P

  2. hahaha, no, no serenading. Our flight arrive around 10pm, so we practically came when all of the restaurants on the beach were packing up. Too bad. It was a perfect way to welcome us though… a dinner on the beach after being in the city of Manila for a month!

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