What To Do During a 15 Hour Layover in Seoul Korea

Shop and Eat!

2nd Day in Seoul: We woke up early on our second day in Seoul, eager to get the day started due to the fact that we had to hop back onto the subway at 2:30pm in order to catch our flight back to the US. If you didn’t get a chance, Read First day in Seoul.

Myeong-dong Shopping Area

MYEONG-DONG: Trendy and High End Shopping

Directions: Subway line 4, Myeong-dong Station

Eats to Try: Myeongdong Gyoja is popular for their “Kalguksu.”

Thankfully the sun was already out which made the freezing temperatures a little more bearable than our late night shopping market expedition. We grabbed a quick breakfast and headed out towards Myeong-Dong, another trendy shopping market that is highly renowned for its fashion and where the younger populace of South Korea flock to find their most trendiest outfits. From Hyehwa station it was only 4 stops away and upon exiting the Myeong-Dong station, its a short walk into the side streets away from the main road before you discover the alleyways of stores. High-end designers like Tom Ford, G Star, Prada, and Gucci can be found here. Restaurants are plentiful along with several coffee shops and cafes. Myeong-Dong actually reminded me a lot of New York City’s Soho district – everything looked practically the same with the only difference being the existence of signs written in Korean. Though the shopping was rather nice, we were backpacking with a small budget, so we were primarily on the hunt for fashionable bargain deals.

Dongdaeumun Shopping Plaza
One of Dongdaemun Shopping Plaza’s

DONGDAEMUN: Shopping Central of 10 Malls

Directions: Subway line 2, Dongdaemun Station

Eats to Try: Green Tea Buns and many of the Korean Delicacies on the street

Once in Dongdaemun, its difficult to know where to start looking because there are so many different shopping malls that can keep you wandering aimlessly until you finally find what you are seeking. To us, many of the stores carried the same goods until we finally discovered…..heaven. Hello apM. Jot it down, repeat it 100 to yourself 100 times, save it in your iPhone. I am speaking primarily to those who are in love with fresh urban kicks, headgear, and clothing. I was pretty amazed with all of the fashion I had seen at relatively low prices until I went downstairs in Hello apM. I had wished I had visited that store right when we arrived so we had more time to shop. Inside you will find Supreme, Bathing Ape, Stussy, Wrangler, and other smaller brands with all very original and stylish designs. There is also a large section of shoes with Creative Recreations, Supras, Air Jordans, and many others. The amazing thing is that these were all knock-offs that looked like the real deal. After my 15 minutes of gawking at all the beautiful eye candy, we had to depart and head back to the hostel to grab out belongings. We said goodbye to Seoul by having some savory waffles at a cafe and then boarded the subway back to Incheon airport.

Hello APM
Hello apM
Korean Stewed Beef? You tell us...
One of Korea’s Delicacies
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