KicKer vs. KitKat: A Knock off or the Original?

During our first night in Seoul, we were walking around doing some sight seeing at 12 midnight. From a far, these bright red wrapped goodness looked exactly like my favorite candy bars, KitKat. Are these Korean KicKer’s a knock off to the American KitKat’s? Who knows? I tried researching online somewhere, but couldn’t find a single historical site about KicKer’s, unless maybe it’s in Korean and I can’t understand it.

KicKer or KitKat
Korean KicKer
American KitKat
American KitKat

Also on the subject of KitKat’s, I recently came across a whole bunch of different flavors of KitKat’s in Japan! Check out the Purple Sweet Potato KitKat an Okinawa Limited Edition, it’s like a new Ube flavored KitKat!

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