Backpackers INSIDE Hostel in Seoul Korea

Entrance to the Hostel Address
2F 112 Myeongryun 2ga, Jongrogu
(Close to Hyehwa Station)
Seoul, Korea, 110-532



We had a 15 hour layover in Korea, so we tried to fit in as much sightseeing as we could in Seoul. We researched for about 15 minutes at the Incheon Airport online and found Backpackers INSIDE. Seoul was unfortunately about 1.5 hours from the Incheon Airport, so we took the subway train and with about 3 transfers, we got off at the Hyehwa Station. The map on the hostels website was somewhat easy to read. We asked a few people here and there for directions to find the Hyehwa Rotary and then followed the map to our destination. The host, Min, was very laid back and friendly, he showed us to our private room complete with kitchen, washer/dryer, bathroom, TV and internet. We were very hungry at the time, so he even recommended a few places and walked us to a restaurant to help us order in Korean. We also loved his pictures of his recent visit to Africa. What more can you ask for? It was a bit pricier than our usual hostels, but it was one night and our last night traveling, so why not spend $60 US Dollars on a room?

Two Twin Beds
Private 2 XL Twin Beds
Complete with Kitchen, Washer/Dryer, TV, and Computer
Kitchen, Washer/Dryer
Adjustable Heated Flooring
Heater and Heated Flooors
Fancy Mechanical Lock
Mechanical Door Lock
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