Asian women look young, but why do older generations look too old?

Do you ever notice how beautiful and young Asian women are? But why do older generations look too old?

The truth is Asian women do age well, yet why do older generations of Asian women who have migrated to America look very old, almost 100-150 years old? I am asked this question by many Americans who don’t quite understand the history of Asians who migrate to the US. Most Asians who are now living in the US have worked very hard to bring their children and to raise their families away from the hardships of living in the 3rd World Country. Most of them have worked in farms or under strong heat and sun without the use of sunblock or special skin products that us Americans use everyday. They lived simple lives and worked hard to survive. Next time you see an Asian grandmother walking pass you, don’t think “Wow, she looks old!” – be kind to her and understand that she sacrificed a lot for her family.

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