Teba House in Ubud Bali Indonesia

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As soon as we walked into the courtyard of our place the Teba House in Ubud it was gorgeous. Cobblestone pathways surrounded by vines of light purple flowers, lotus, fish ponds, and a few friendly chickens, lizards, and a toy poodle.

Every morning we woke up to yummy breakfast of Pandan crepes with fresh banana and coconut, banana pies, or vegetable omeletes. Hot tea and coffee was also served throughout the day and before bed. We were living a quiet and peaceful life for the next 5 days. I booked only 3 nights in the Teba House in Ubud, so we could figure out how we liked it there or to travel somewhere else in Bali, perhaps to see the beaches or to another nearby island. After only a day getting to know the people and the area, we quickly decided to stay in Ubud for our remaining days, but also scheduled a day to check out Kuta and Seminyak for the beaches and the city life. For only $11 a night for a full sized bed and bathroom, we were getting a great deal. The bathrooms and a few fixtures could have been reworked, but we weren’t complaining as it felt very safe and the nice people who ran the place were very family oriented. At first I was a little terrified at our wooden doors that used pad locks, but with the help of a mosquito coil and bug spray every night, we were fine for 6 nights. We also didn’t have air-conditioning, but since we were in the mountains, it was breezy during the night.

Food Tip: There’s a local warung behind Teba House called, Tutu Dedex. For $3 US Dollars, we were able to order 3 dishes and 2 shakes.

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Beautiful Garden Setting
Friendly Hospitality – Great Local Tips
Free Delicious Breakfast
Safe and Cozy

No Air-Conditioning
Bathrooms can be cleaned up more
Wooden Doors with Pad Lock

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Breakfast Every Morning
Pandan Crepes

Front Porch
Our Front Porch

Ketat from Teba House

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5 thoughts on “Teba House in Ubud Bali Indonesia

  1. hi i have read your review about teba house in Ubud in trip advisor. I have read a lot of reviews about it some are pretty bad and I am a bit worried coz I’m going there alone for the holy week. And I arrive midnight but I trust that the people from Teba House are really nice. 🙂 I hope my trip goes well. I really don’t have any planned itinerary as I am just going around to explore and I’m excited also because i get to experience the bali spirit festival. i’ll explore your site so I have ideas on what to do and what to try in Bali. enjoy your lakbays! 🙂

  2. Hi Pam,

    Thanks for your comment! Teba House was really a great place to stay. Walking distance to main roads and the people are really nice. Since you’re a woman traveling alone Ubud felt very safe. Although I would take common sense into consideration – no late night walks alone, etc.

    Some set backs were the pad lock holding the door closed, always had to have bug spray on or a mosquito coil burning (it works), when walking at night be careful of the dogs in the neighborhood, most houses in Bali have guard dogs, they bark and may bite! During the day, the dogs are kept indoors.

    A friend of ours is a woman and traveled alone for 2 weeks. She had no problems and felt very safe. What’s nice about most guesthouses is that you can cancel your reservations anytime because there are no deposits. So if you don’t like Teba House, you can browse around for another place. Our friend stayed at Warji Homestay. The owner or manager is an elder woman from Holland. The rooms and bathrooms looked a tad nicer than Teba House, free breakfast, and tea as well. Set backs were the mosquito bites she got because there is a pond in the middle of the garden.

    Hope this helps! If you need any more info let us know. Have fun on your trip!

  3. Hi
    Great comments and pictures. How did you get $11?
    They are telling me 180,000 Rupiah…around $18

  4. Hi Alain,

    We went during low season in November and we called him directly, perhaps you can ask that the rates used to be 110,000/120,000 Rupiah and maybe he can negotiate? Either way, it’s still a good deal. Another place for around this price is Warji House. They have very friendly hospitality as well and their bathrooms are a tad nicer, but the only drawback is there is a pond in the middle of the courtyard which gathers a lot of mosquitoes. Our friend stayed there and even with the bug sprays and all she was swarmed throughout her stay. Everyone’s different, so it may not happen to everyone. Goodluck! Thanks for reading!

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