Up Close and Personal with Sumatran Elephants

IMG_8540 Elephant Safari Park – Located in Taro, Bali. A fantastic Elephant experience you can ever have and probably in the world. You get to interact, feed, ride, observe, learn, play and stay with 29 beautiful Sumatran elephants, one of the most rare and endangered species of elephants left in the world today. The owner is an Australian man who married a Balinese wife and they live close to the park. We chose this place because the treatment of animals here are awesome. The trainers treat the Elephants very well and all of their commands are in Indonesian without the use of a whip.

“…the best elephant park I have ever seen!”
-Steve Irwin

Riding the Elephant
It’s a huge park if you were to ride the elephants. You get an option to walk around the park or to go riding with them. You can either go night riding through the beautiful lit forest or during the day. We opted for not riding because after our experiences in Thailand, we thought it was a cruel job for the Elephants. We later read about the history of Sumatran Elephants and they take pride and pleasure in working. So it’s up to you if you’d like to ride these gigantic beauties! Since we didn’t choose to ride the Elephants, the park was a quick 15 minute walk around, but for us animal lovers, it was well worth it.

$16 US Dollars Entrance Fee (Does not include Rides)
Historical Museum of Elephants
Play with Baby Elephants
Watch Elephant Shows
Trainers are very Gentle with Elephants

Elephant Safari Park is also a Hotel and Lodge
The Elephant Safari Park is also a Hotel and Lodge for everyone from elephant lovers, children and families and for those who enjoy peace and tranquility of being ensconced in beautiful tropical parkland surrounds.

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Feeding the Elephants

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