Cute Baby Elephants Sucking Jeff’s Hand

Baby Elephant Sucking Jeff's FingerAt the Elephant Safari Park in Taro, Bali we got to play with cute baby elephants. They were roaming around like cute puppies staying close by their mothers.

Most of the mothers were being used for the elephant rides and all of the babies stayed around the park being trained and greeting guests. It was the most wonderful experience I’ve ever had being that I have never got to play or get to know these elephants personalities. I’ve always thought of elephants as these gigantic creatures. Creatures so large that you can’t play with them or pet them because they’ll stomp on you. That definitely was not the case at this park. These elephants were very playful, gentle, and kind giant creatures.

My first encounter with elephants was when I would go to the zoos in Florida or ride them in Thailand. I warded off riding these creatures because Thailand was so cruel to the animals. I figured all of Asia was like that. Trainers would slap them with whips and the elephants looked so sad. This Elephant Park was very clean, well kept, and all of the trainers were gentle and kind to the Elephants. Their commands to the elephants were simple words they followed, they were definitely more well trained than my dog! This park was nothing like I have experienced and it was the best $16 dollars I have ever spent.

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