Mengwi Temple’s Towers

Mengwi Temple Gate Bali is an island known for its beautiful temples and Mengwi is no exception. For anyone visiting these temples, it is typically requested that visitors must wear a sarong in order to be properly dressed although tourists are usually unaware of this requirement and so it is seldom seen. Women are also forbid to enter during their menstruation.

Upon reaching the grounds you meet a large gate at its entrance guarded by trademark Bali statues of Barongs (guardians typically reflected through an animal-like creature). After passing through its doors, the temple opens up to a vast open field with miniature pagodas and fountains and at the center is a structure that resembles a watch tower.

Mengwi Temple Garden Mengwi Temple Fountain

Upon crossing the courtyard you meet another gate with two doors on each side. It is through this second barrier that your eyes finally meet what the temple is known for – the tall towers with its thatched roofs. The towers are grouped together behind a low standing wall and a path that surrounds the entire compound. Its a beautiful sight and during out visit, locals were preparing gifts for an upcoming ceremony while offerings could be seen placed along the surrounding wall. Its a peaceful walk through and you can break away from the main path onto a trail that winds through lush greenery.

Mengwi Temple Towers Mengwi Temple Towers

Prior to exiting the temple we stopped by a roofed platform where Balinese woodworkers were applying their trade to bamboo carvings – most likely more gifts in preparation for the ceremony. After spending some time talking with them along with some other tourists visiting from Singapore, Stace and I hopped back into the car with our friend and driver Nick and we jetted off to our next destination.

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