A Dog Washing Machine in Tokyo

Feeling lazy? Don’t want to bother with another slippery session with your dog? At Joyful Honda home centers you can find just what you were looking for.

At bath time, my dog would always look at me with sad eyes as he sits in the tub. When it was time to get out, he jets for the nearest dry rug to begin his rub and circle marathon. I can’t say I have ever enjoyed the after math of cleaning a wet dog smell, but it was always a laugh to watch my wet dog try its hardest to speed dry on the floor.

I found this machine to be hilarious, and of non other than Japan to have invented it. I honestly wouldn’t put my dog in there because it doesn’t look all that fun and the little jail cube has water spraying all over the poor poodles face as it sits inside for over 30 minutes. Over 30 minutes! Come on!

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