Eating Balut: A Small Delight After a Pac Fight

My dad says, “A ceremonial treat to have after a good win. The Balut is my favorite snack, it’s not weird.”

At long last, a story on Balut. On special occasions, my family will enjoy eating a Balut. On this day, my parents had family and friends over for the Pacquiao vs. Clottey fight. And what a perfect time to celebrate with a snack of Balut. After a long 12 round win, my dad heads over to the hot pot of freshly boiled Balut.

Balut comes from the word, Balot which means “wrapped” in Tagalog. It is a duck egg with a nearly-developed embryo, typically between 17 to 20 days in gestation. It is the most popular and common merienda (snack) in the Philippines. If you simply walk down the streets of the Philippines, it isn’t hard finding a vendor ringing a bell, selling freshly hot boiled Balut. You can find them stored in either a styrofoam cooler, or right on top of a weaved basket, with a bright light shining on top of it to keep it from getting cold. Balut is not poor mans food either, and is everyone’s favorite treat! It’s a very hearty snack believed to be an aphrodisiac and very high in protein.

“If I was offered $50,000 to eat one more, there is no way I would do it again.” – Contestant on Fear Factor

Sadly, America calls it gross, horrifying, and down right wrong. It is known as the #1 Top Terrifying Foods in the World and there are countless blogs, articles, and videos on people scarfing down Balut with their eyes shut. It’s definitely interesting when you find something new and different, but don’t call it terrifying! Geez! What a way to stomp on other cultures…

To Prepare
In hot boiling water, place Balut(s) in pot for 40 minutes without changing temperature. Remove from heat and let cool for a few minutes. For best results, eat Balut fresh from the pot.

To Warn
To illustrate when you chomp on the egg, you may come across toothpicky legs and bones, feathers, the duck’s bill, and other bonus treats not included in your standard hard-boiled egg.

To Eat
To eat a Balut, there is a ceremonial process and proper way to successfully taste and enjoy each part of the egg.

1) Slightly crack the pointiest part of the egg and peel a small hole at the top.

2) Drink the chicken soup from the hole.

3) Peel the rest of the egg and add a pinch of salt.

4) Slurp the fetus.

5) Enjoy the best part, the yolk and hard egg white.

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