Re-enactment of the Crucifixion

Being Nailed to CrossWARNING: Photos may be too Extreme

The Philippines has the highest population of Roman Catholics in Asia and their strong passion for Jesus and Roman Catholicism is still honored. This Good Friday celebration draws more than 10,000 Filipinos and foreign tourists throughout the Philippines every year.

Long ago, before the Spaniards came along, the Philippines was once a Muslim land. The Spaniards dominated the Philippines for over 300 years and before they were forced out from the country they also left behind many of their cultures and practices. Today, the Easter Flagellation Ritual has slowly died and is no longer being celebrated in Spain and the Philippines has become the place to experience this unique celebration.

Dozens of locals were crucified in provinces across the Roman Catholic country, in one of the world’s most bizarre practices to mark the day when Christians believe Jesus Christ was put to death.

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Whipping to Induce Blood
Whipped Himself with Bamboo
Being Nailed to Cross
Ready for Crucifixion
Already Whipped
Locals in Parade
Woman being Nailed to Cross
A Woman on the Cross
Nailing feet to Cross
Nailed Feet
Locals being Nailed to Cross
One of the Many
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