Yoghurt House in Sagada

We awoke early the following day, both eager and excited to finally experience a lot of what Sagada was known for. After getting ready for the day and packing our camera bag, we headed out to grab breakfast at the Yoghurt house. After our two visits there during out stay in Sagada, I would have to say it was probably one of my the more memorable restaurants that we dined at in the Philippines. For breakfast Stace had some type of vegetarian toast and I had a breakfast sandwich. To top it off I ordered a crep that was filled with their famous Yoghurt and topped with berries and syrup. The hearty meal filled us up and gave us the energy we needed to get ready to cave for 3 hours. We headed to the tourist info center to meet up with our Guide who was waiting for us. We began our stroll down towards the cave and stopped along the way at a store to pick up our equipment – a lamp, hardhats, and some rope. After a beautiful walk down the road, where you could easily see hanging coffins on the rock hills in the distance, we finally made it to the cave’s entrance. At the mouth of the cave there are coffins that are piled up on top of one another. Our guide informed us that many of the coffins are possibly 500 years old. There were a few that had fallen down into the cave and some that our guide explained were opened up because some people would actually steal some of the contents within. After stopping to take some pics at these historical relics, our guide lit up the lamp, we threw on our hard hats, and we were on our way. It was the first time both of us had ever gone caving and so we didn’t know what to expect. I thought it was going to be an easy trek into the cave and out the other end but instead it turned out to be 3 hours of rigorous work, hiking and maneuvering through the cave’s interior where several areas were narrow and hard to navigate through. Although it was hard work, I am adding it to my list as one of the best adventures we had experienced in the Philippines.

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