Kicking it in Kuta on Bali

I’ll admit up front, Kuta wasn’t my favorite place on the island because in my opinion it was too crowded. But if you’re one who heavily enjoys the party scene and the heavy trafficked tourist zones, this place is good to check out. We were staying in Ubud which is further inland and had to take a transport van to Kuta which is south of the airport and right on the beach. One thing great about visiting the town was that it was right on the water and at this point in our trip we hadn’t yet seen or visited a beach (1.5 months had already gone by!). I was eager to finally jump into the ocean after walking every day through the humid sweltering heat of southeast Asia. After having lunch, we jumped out to the beach to relax in the sun and swim. The beach was surprisingly not too crowded being that Bali is honeymooners paradise which was nice. I’ll have to say overall, it felt exactly like Waikiki Beach in Hawaii with less people.

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3 thoughts on “Kicking it in Kuta on Bali

  1. Nice beach in Bali. I notice there are no cottages; this is  the kind of beaches you see in Hollywood movies. Lovely. I wish I can get to that island someday. 

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  3. Yes, the beach was beautiful during our time there, but I actually visited Kuta during high season of July and August and the crowds were tremendous! It didn’t feel like a relaxing beach at all. Unless your out to party with the tourists, I would definitely suggest going during low season of April and May or October and November. Since you’re in the Philippines, to be honest the beaches are much nicer there, serene, and relaxing. Bali is all about the beauty of their culture and religious temples.

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