Hostel Hoppers

Looking back on our 3 month trip to Southeast Asia in 2009, one can imagine that it can be really expensive to travel abroad for so long. However, if you’re savvy with your money, budget properly, and are willing to compromise a little here and there on luxury travel, you can save a lot over the long haul.

Although there were times where we stayed in swanky hotels for superior comfort, a majority of our travel accommodations were hostels. Hostels have many benefits beyond the cheaper rates – travelers who stay in hostels are typically much more friendly and outgoing and so its a great way to make new friends and meet potential travel partners. The hostel host(s) are also very insightful and accommodating to ensure you enjoy your stay not only at their place but in the region. They are essentially a travel guide who can answer any of your questions and direct you to the best local spots in the area. Many hostel search sites are available online. One particular site that has helped provide some fruitful results and one that we have used is Hostel World. Their spanish language counterpart is Spanish Hostel World. These are great sites to reference that will help you preserve your travel funds and help you meet other travelers throughout your trips. Happy Traveling!


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