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University of Hawaii 2002

The term “Lakbay” means “Travel” in Tagalog.
Tagalog is the main language of the Philippines. We are two Filipino-Americans eager to experience a journey in major areas of the Philippines and throughout Asia, especially in the neighborhoods of where our families grew up. Our purpose of this adventure is for us to understand and learn more about our family, culture, and the historical roots of our ancestry. Our parents have traveled across the Pacific to leave their homeland in order for their children to have a better life outside of living in a 3rd world country.

America has made Life much easier for its Citizens
We have plenty of food, updated technology, higher employment rates, and access to pursue higher education. In contrast, the Philippines lacks some of the luxuries we have in America: many people must seek work abroad because the domestic economy is unable to sustain a steady job market, children can be seen working on the street at a very young age, unemployment is significantly higher, and locals text instead of call because it’s cheaper. Despite all of the hardships they go through, there is hard evidence that Filipinos are much happier and satisfied with life than us “well-off” Americans.

Kayaking by the SF PierMeet Stacey
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I am from the San Francisco Bay Area and work as a freelance user experience designer for many dotcom startups. I enjoy drawing, art, photography, and love to run to keep in shape. I have traveled to many places for short periods of time on vacation, but it wasn’t until after I moved to Hawaii for college was I able to really see what traveling was all about. I was able to learn and dive deep into its culture, ethics, people, and surroundings beyond what the main tourist attractions had to offer. From then on, I try to seek opportunities where I can learn more about other cultures and traditions.

My family originated in Manila, Philippines, but most have moved on and are now living across the US. My mother is from Santa Cruz, Manila and my father is from Quezon City. They were both raised in Manila and were neighbors while in high school. I plan to visit their neighborhoods and meet some of my family to see what is left. Learning where they grew up helps me understand what they have risen from.

Wowowee StudioMeet Jeffrey
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I was born in Anchorage, Alaska and grew up in Portland, Oregon. After completing my education at the University of Oregon I worked for various companies as a Graphic Designer in the Portland region before making the move to the Bay area in 2007. So far I have enjoyed my relocation to the Bay, working heavily as a freelance designer and enjoying all that the area has to offer – primarily the foods, the outdoors, and the culture. I am continuing to expand my role as a freelance designer and also looking to pursue the creation of a clothing line. My trip to the Philippines should help me refocus on those goals where I have the chance to focus all of my efforts and energy strictly on my personal work (and of course my Family and getting reacquainted with our history). Hope you enjoy reading about our adventures and gain insight to the Philippine culture.

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