The Incheon Airport in Korea is like Heaven

Eco-Friendly Escalators
Eco-friendly Airport: Sensored Escalator

Extreme cleanliness, modern architecture, and all the modern technology you’ll ever need in an airport.

Right when we got off the plane, our first stop was the bathroom. You all are probably thinking why the heck would I tell you about my bathroom experience?! The airport has bathrooms that are so fancy, it’s like walking into Bloomingdale’s lounge and restroom with granite counter tops, hand carved wooden doors, and soft dim lighting. Who can forget the fancy moisturizing soaps, modern appliances, and I swear they must clean the restroom every hour because it was completely dust free! Continue reading

Things to Pack on a Long Flight

Cheez itsWe experienced a smooth transition from San Francisco to Incheon Airport in Korea to Ninoy Aquino Airport. The 12 hour flight from SF to Incheon was long, but Asiana made our flight very comfortable. And definitely more than I can say about my experiences with Philippine Airlines. Who else would serve canned corned beef and bangus for in flight food? Our in flight dinner was Bibimbop, Soba noodles, and Korean hot sauce in a toothpaste tube. The next time we visit Korea on our way back, I’m definitely taking Korean hot sauce home. If it wasn’t for all of those movies I watched back to back, that 12 hour flight would have been dreadful.

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