Bugis Street Shopping in Singapore

Bugis Street ShoppingLocated: Bugis Station MRT
Bugis Street Area is a street shopping mecca with clothes, watches, and yummy local foods.

The place is closed to traffic, so the streets in the center of the block are good places to find bargain deals; across the road is the Parco Bugis Junction, an upscale shopping center in contrast to the area’s dollar stores and souvenir shops. On Saturday’s, 2 markets open up at the junction of Queen Street and Rochor Road. Continue reading

Mint – Singapore’s Toy Museum That Houses 5 Stories of Nostalgic History

Mint Toy Museum entranceDo you remember the days when you were 5 years old and you’d wake up super early in the morning just to catch the latest episode of He-Man? Or watch the Transformers in their ongoing battle with the Deceptions?

As a kid, I’d be glued to the TV screen for hours every Saturday morning, watching all of my childhood superhero shows…..GI Joes, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Silverhawks, and Thundercats were among the bunch. Immediately after my dose of on-screen entertainment, my brothers and I would pull out our toy bin and prepare for a playful yet strategic battle between our plastic companions. We would take careful time setting up our fortresses to ensure our teams were safe from attack, equip our figures with their necessary weaponry and ammunition, and begin the battle. Continue reading

Singapore Has the Best Food I Have Ever Tasted In My Life

Sup TulanThis is not an understatement, it is a hard fact.

Singapore is a beautiful modern city. Being a part of Asia and so close to its neighboring counterparts of Indonesia, China, Thailand, Philippines, India, Japan, Korean, and so on everything was authentic Asian food. It’s huge Asian melting pot has created bursting flavors and creative desserts and snacks. Locals of Singapore are also very detailed when it comes to their food. They know they have the best and they will tell you how to eat it, where to go, and what exactly to get. Since we only had a day and a half to experience Singapore, we went straight to it’s major monuments and favorite food plazas. Our favorites were Golden Mile Food Centre and Geylang Serai Market & Food Centre. In America, you can find delicious foods from all over the world, but you can never tell if it’s authentic because we lack the same resources as the country of the foods origin. Singapore has most similar resources as the rest of Asia, so everything was very, very good. If you’re ever planning to visit a country in Asia, I would suggest spending 2 or 3 days in Singapore as a stop over to experience it’s wonders in the culinary department. Continue reading

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