Singapore is the Lion City with Amazing Food

Chewy Cookies Filled with Cream

Everything in the Singapore Metropolitan area is within a good walking distance and so it made it nice to get some exercise in between the various eateries.

After a 30 minute walk, we finally reached the Golden Mile Food Center, an amazing food plaza with stalls of restaurants that serve up a variety of foods ranging from Indian, Malaysian, Chinese, and Fusion meals. We made a plan to order one dish from each vendor so that we could sample more of a variety of the foods that were offered. The first we tried was Sup Tulang, a dish from India consisting of bone marrow soaked in a curry-like soup that you ate with your bread. Afterwards, we sampled a view pastries here and there before taking a stroll to another part of town. We passed through Bassorah Street, a beautiful strip headed in the direction of a Mosque that is lined with quaint little cafes and shops – it deserves a post of its own since it was probably my favorite scenes of Singapore. Continue┬áreading

Singapore is the Melting Pot of Asia

MRT in SingaporeSingapore is a British owned city, so everyone here has an English accent with a mixture of Chinese, Indian, and Malaysian accents.

The country is a melting pot of people from all over Asia, so you can imagine how many great foods they offer. People from all over Asia migrate here for better job opportunities than what their own country has to offer and end up settling here with their own families.

The country has a very wide variety of foods from all over Asia and some even intermixed. It is Asian Food Heaven and we were lucky to get 1.5 days to experience this beautiful city. Our goal was to try everything that salavated our mouths, so that meant lots of money taken out of our pockets. The Philippines has a some great foods and desserts, but we missed having the luxury of eating various dishes from different cultures in America. Our eyes were big with excitment at all the great foods Singapore had to offer. Continue reading

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