Backpackers INSIDE Hostel in Seoul Korea

Entrance to the Hostel Address
2F 112 Myeongryun 2ga, Jongrogu
(Close to Hyehwa Station)
Seoul, Korea, 110-532



We had a 15 hour layover in Korea, so we tried to fit in as much sightseeing as we could in Seoul. We had a 15 hour layover in Korea, so we tried to fit in as much sightseeing as we could in Seoul. We researched for about 15 minutes at the Incheon Airport online and found Backpackers INSIDE. Continue reading

KicKer vs. KitKat: A Knock off or the Original?

KicKer or KitKat During our first night in Seoul, we were walking around doing some sight seeing at 12 midnight. From a far, these bright red wrapped goodness looked exactly like my favorite candy bars, KitKat. Are these Korean KicKer’s a knock off to the American KitKat’s? Who knows? I tried researching online somewhere, but couldn’t find a single historical site about KicKer’s, unless maybe it’s in Korean and I can’t understand it. Continue reading

Searching for a Place to Stay, Good Korean Food, and Late Night Shopping

Seoul Winter 1st Day in Seoul: We had a mission in Seoul to seek out delicious Korean food and discover the loads of goods within the shopping markets of South Korea’s largest city.

On our return flight home, we opted for a long 22 hour layover in South Korea so that we can enjoy one last mini trip abroad before our vacation was over. Upon our arrival once again in Incheon airport, Stace and I grabbed a map and directions from the tourist information counter in the airport (which is very helpful when traveling in Korea) Continue reading

The Incheon Airport in Korea is like Heaven

Eco-Friendly Escalators
Eco-friendly Airport: Sensored Escalator

Extreme cleanliness, modern architecture, and all the modern technology you’ll ever need in an airport.

Right when we got off the plane, our first stop was the bathroom. You all are probably thinking why the heck would I tell you about my bathroom experience?! The airport has bathrooms that are so fancy, it’s like walking into Bloomingdale’s lounge and restroom with granite counter tops, hand carved wooden doors, and soft dim lighting. Who can forget the fancy moisturizing soaps, modern appliances, and I swear they must clean the restroom every hour because it was completely dust free! Continue reading

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