Must Try Foods in Bali

Sweet Rice with Coconut in Banana LeafInfluences from all corners of the globe make up the Balinese culinary dishes. Out of all the countries we had visited, I gained weight in Bali. Singapore was the 2nd runner up, but we were there for only 3 days. Balinese food is abundant in spices and can be overpowering if you are not comfortable with eating spicy foods. Most of the best Balinese foods we’ve tried were around Ubud. But if you’re feeling homesick, Kuta and Seminyak has many chain restaurants such as Bubba Gump, McDonalds, and Starbucks. Continue reading

Up Close and Personal with Sumatran Elephants

IMG_8540 Elephant Safari Park – Located in Taro, Bali. A fantastic Elephant experience you can ever have and probably in the world.

You get to interact, feed, ride, observe, learn, play and stay with 29 beautiful Sumatran elephants, one of the most rare and endangered species of elephants left in the world today. The owner is an Australian man who married a Balinese wife and they live close to the park. We chose this place because the treatment of animals here are awesome. The trainers treat the Elephants very well and all of their commands are in Indonesian without the use of a whip. Continue reading

Teba House in Ubud Bali Indonesia

CourtyardFamily Hospitality, Okay Rooms
As soon as we walked into the courtyard of our place the Teba House in Ubud it was gorgeous. Cobblestone pathways surrounded by vines of light purple flowers, lotus, fish ponds, and a few friendly chickens, lizards, and a toy poodle.

Every morning we woke up to yummy breakfast of Pandan crepes with fresh banana and coconut, banana pies, or vegetable omeletes. Hot tea and coffee was also served throughout the day and before bed. We were living a quiet and peaceful life for the next 5 days. I booked only 3 nights in the Teba House in Ubud, so we could figure out how we liked it there or to travel somewhere else in Bali, perhaps to see the beaches or to another nearby island. Continue reading

Observed Balinese Hindu Ceremony in Tanah Lot

Balinese Hindu Ceremony at Tanah Lot Research before you visit, from now on that is my motto. I only realized this on our first day in Bali. I was walking around in a yellow tube dress and felt as if I were naked in the streets of Ubud.

Since we decided to spend most of our days in the small village of Ubud, I didn’t realize how traditional they lived their lives. Only 3% of Indonesians are Hindu, most of which are in Bali. The rest of the 97%, are Muslim. Tourism is popular in Bali, but only in major areas such as Kuta, Seminyak, Gili’s Islands, and Lombok, especially for honeymooners. I figured since Bali is a top destination for honeymooners, I could wear a teeny bikini and my parade in my beach dresses. As soon as we walked out of our place, the locals glued their eyes onto me, especially men winking left and right. Continue reading

The Open Caged Monkey Forest of Ubud in Bali Indonesia

Offering my hand to a MonkeyYou Can Walk Right In, No Cages, Just Monkeys Hanging Around Like You!

Before you enter the Monkey forest of Ubud, you don’t know what to really expect unless you’ve been there. Prior to our visit I thought to myself, “I hope we see a good amount of monkeys.” I eventually realized that wouldn’t be an issue. Not even entering the grounds of the forest, monkeys are already sprawled out near the entrance and there are several more awaiting within. Continue reading

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