Watching the Pacquiao vs Cotto Fight in Bohol Philippines

pacquiao-vs-cottoJeff watched the fight in a big screen theater and I watched it on the beach.

November 14, 2009 – The Pacquiao vs Cotto Fight was LIVE in Las Vegas and at around 11am Philippine time. Jeff and his dad bought tickets the day before to watch the fight at the local mall in Bohol, the BQ Mall (Bohol Quality Mall. The fight was showing live in all SM Shopping Mall movie theaters or showing free if you had a TV with an antenna. Continue┬áreading

Dolphin Sightings Around Bohol

Dolphin Sighting by Pamilacan IslandBohol, Visayas, Philippines – We left Alona Beach at 5am to set out for our adventure to seek for dolphins swimming around the island. It took us 2 hours to get to the nearby site of dolphin sightings. The guide explained that the boat engine alone attracted the Dolphins, so all the curious dolphins swam closer to us. We all wished we could just jump in the waters to get a closer look at all of them, but of course it wasn’t recommended. I snapped a few photos and we headed out to dock on to the nearest island, Pamilacan. Continue┬áreading