Jeff and I are on the WOWOWEE Game Show in the Philippines!

Wowowee StudioWowowee is the most popular game show by ABS-CBN broadcasting in the Philippines. The show first premiered on February 5, 2005 and airs live weekdays and Saturdays for 3 hours. The show is very popular throughout the Philippines because it caters to the majority of the common population. The game show helps many Filipinos because it gives them a chance to showcase their talents and win prizes. The show gives charity to those in need and many viewers are hooked by the touching stories from each contestant. Continue reading

A Welcome Dinner on Bali Shores

Jimbaran Beach DinnerFinally in Bali, Indonesia and what most people call, the “Honeymooners Getaway.”
After our wait in the Indonesian Airport for our Tourist Visas, we were picked up promptly by Nick our driver, Nick for the trip. Out of the entire crowd, we saw him instantly jumping up and down from the back with a huge sign saying “Jeffrey and Stacey.” I laughed seeing my name look so big. He brought us to his nice air-conditioned car and asked, “Do you guys want to have dinner on the beach?” Continue reading

Life in Ubud was Breathtakingly Beautiful

Morning OfferingsIt sounds cheesy, but the village of Ubud in the island of Bali in Indonesia was very colorful and vibrant. The Balinese are very warm, welcoming, and happy to explain more about their culture and how they live anytime you ask.

Ubud is a small quiet village in the mountains that attracts many tourists each year who seek a quiet and quaint getaway. It is rich with rice paddies, fields, and terraces, so almost everywhere you turn you will see beautiful landscapes of rice paddies. A lot of the goods in the market cater to foreigners such as cultural and ethnic dresses, fabrics, paintings, masks, specifically made for foreigners to take home. The island uses their culture and religion to sell and cater to tourists for money. Continue reading

Singapore Has the Best Food I Have Ever Tasted In My Life

Sup TulanThis is not an understatement, it is a hard fact.

Singapore is a beautiful modern city. Being a part of Asia and so close to its neighboring counterparts of Indonesia, China, Thailand, Philippines, India, Japan, Korean, and so on everything was authentic Asian food. It’s huge Asian melting pot has created bursting flavors and creative desserts and snacks. Locals of Singapore are also very detailed when it comes to their food. They know they have the best and they will tell you how to eat it, where to go, and what exactly to get. Since we only had a day and a half to experience Singapore, we went straight to it’s major monuments and favorite food plazas. Our favorites were Golden Mile Food Centre and Geylang Serai Market & Food Centre. In America, you can find delicious foods from all over the world, but you can never tell if it’s authentic because we lack the same resources as the country of the foods origin. Singapore has most similar resources as the rest of Asia, so everything was very, very good. If you’re ever planning to visit a country in Asia, I would suggest spending 2 or 3 days in Singapore as a stop over to experience it’s wonders in the culinary department. Continue reading

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