Singapore is the Melting Pot of Asia

MRT in SingaporeSingapore is a British owned city, so everyone here has an English accent with a mixture of Chinese, Indian, and Malaysian accents.

The country is a melting pot of people from all over Asia, so you can imagine how many great foods they offer. People from all over Asia migrate here for better job opportunities than what their own country has to offer and end up settling here with their own families.

The country has a very wide variety of foods from all over Asia and some even intermixed. It is Asian Food Heaven and we were lucky to get 1.5 days to experience this beautiful city. Our goal was to try everything that salavated our mouths, so that meant lots of money taken out of our pockets. The Philippines has a some great foods and desserts, but we missed having the luxury of eating various dishes from different cultures in America. Our eyes were big with excitment at all the great foods Singapore had to offer. Continue reading

Bacolod is the City of Smiles

Off to Bacolod
Cebu Pacific Air

We planned this 5 day trip to experience and capture the spirit of the famous Masskara Festival 2009.
Finally our first trip out of Luzon and into the Visayas in the island of Negros. Negros is located between Panay and Cebu which holds popular cities such as Bacolod and Dumaguete. A month long event that leads up to a huge countdown experience very similar to experiencing New Years Eve in Times Square minus the big city skyscrapers. Continue reading

The Incheon Airport in Korea is like Heaven

Eco-Friendly Escalators
Eco-friendly Airport: Sensored Escalator

Extreme cleanliness, modern architecture, and all the modern technology you’ll ever need in an airport.

Right when we got off the plane, our first stop was the bathroom. You all are probably thinking why the heck would I tell you about my bathroom experience?! The airport has bathrooms that are so fancy, it’s like walking into Bloomingdale’s lounge and restroom with granite counter tops, hand carved wooden doors, and soft dim lighting. Who can forget the fancy moisturizing soaps, modern appliances, and I swear they must clean the restroom every hour because it was completely dust free! Continue reading