Re-enactment of the Crucifixion

The Philippines has the highest population of Roman Catholics in Asia and their strong passion for Jesus and Roman Catholicism is still honored. This Good Friday celebration draws more than 10,000 Filipinos and foreign tourists throughout the Philippines every year. Long ago, before the Spaniards came along, the Philippines was once a Muslim land. Continue reading

Mengwi Temple’s Towers

Mengwi Temple GateBali is an island known for its beautiful temples and Mengwi is no exception.For anyone visiting these temples, it is typically requested that visitors must wear a sarong in order to be properly dressed although tourists are usually unaware of this requirement and so it is seldom seen. Women are also forbid to enter during their menstruation. Continue reading

Asian women look young, but why do older generations look too old?

Do you ever notice how beautiful and young Asian women are? But why do older generations look too old?

The truth is Asian women do age well, yet why do older generations of Asian women who have migrated to America look very old, almost 100-150 years old? I am asked this question by many Americans who don’t quite understand the history of Asians who migrate to the US. Most Asians who are now living in the US have worked very hard to bring their children and to raise their families away from the hardships of living in the 3rd World Country. Continue reading

Observed Balinese Hindu Ceremony in Tanah Lot

Balinese Hindu Ceremony at Tanah Lot Research before you visit, from now on that is my motto. I only realized this on our first day in Bali. I was walking around in a yellow tube dress and felt as if I were naked in the streets of Ubud.

Since we decided to spend most of our days in the small village of Ubud, I didn’t realize how traditional they lived their lives. Only 3% of Indonesians are Hindu, most of which are in Bali. The rest of the 97%, are Muslim. Tourism is popular in Bali, but only in major areas such as Kuta, Seminyak, Gili’s Islands, and Lombok, especially for honeymooners. I figured since Bali is a top destination for honeymooners, I could wear a teeny bikini and my parade in my beach dresses. As soon as we walked out of our place, the locals glued their eyes onto me, especially men winking left and right. Continue reading

Jeff and I are on the WOWOWEE Game Show in the Philippines!

Wowowee StudioWowowee is the most popular game show by ABS-CBN broadcasting in the Philippines. The show first premiered on February 5, 2005 and airs live weekdays and Saturdays for 3 hours. The show is very popular throughout the Philippines because it caters to the majority of the common population. The game show helps many Filipinos because it gives them a chance to showcase their talents and win prizes. The show gives charity to those in need and many viewers are hooked by the touching stories from each contestant. Continue reading

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