Teba House in Ubud Bali Indonesia

CourtyardFamily Hospitality, Okay Rooms
As soon as we walked into the courtyard of our place the Teba House in Ubud it was gorgeous. Cobblestone pathways surrounded by vines of light purple flowers, lotus, fish ponds, and a few friendly chickens, lizards, and a toy poodle.

Every morning we woke up to yummy breakfast of Pandan crepes with fresh banana and coconut, banana pies, or vegetable omeletes. Hot tea and coffee was also served throughout the day and before bed. We were living a quiet and peaceful life for the next 5 days. I booked only 3 nights in the Teba House in Ubud, so we could figure out how we liked it there or to travel somewhere else in Bali, perhaps to see the beaches or to another nearby island. Continue reading

Weekend Market’s in Bel Air Makati

Sunday Legaspi MarketThe Best Food Spot in Metro Manila!
After dining in various places of fancy restaurants, small carts, or buying food at the palengke (outdoor markets) the Salcedo and Legaspi Markets started by many ex-pat’s offers the tastiest food in Manila.

Saturday Salcedo Market and Sunday Legazpi Market
The weekend markets started about 5 years ago and with help from Barangay (neighborhood) Bel-Air, the vision became a Continue reading

KicKer vs. KitKat: A Knock off or the Original?

KicKer or KitKat During our first night in Seoul, we were walking around doing some sight seeing at 12 midnight. From a far, these bright red wrapped goodness looked exactly like my favorite candy bars, KitKat. Are these Korean KicKer’s a knock off to the American KitKat’s? Who knows? I tried researching online somewhere, but couldn’t find a single historical site about KicKer’s, unless maybe it’s in Korean and I can’t understand it. Continue reading

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